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How Are You Investing in the Future?

Is your company exploring how positive social and environmental impact can drive your business forward? The Ackerman Center for Excellence in Sustainability (ACES) has created a comprehensive program for companies to engage with us on thought leadership, industry research and innovative exploration of sustainability ideas and frameworks. Our new Invest for the Future corporate sponsorship levels deepen and expand your relationship with us and provides you access to the minds of our next sustainability leaders, current thought leaders and sustainability professionals throughout many industries around the globe.

Some of the engagement opportunities you can expect:

  1. Connect with students at UNC-Chapel Hill and around the world through our work and outreach with hundreds of student organizations and academic institutions.
  2. ACES interns will work on industry and pre-competitive research to benefit your company and industry.
  3. Direct access to thought leadership through the impactful research of ACES’ affiliated faculty and faculty across the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

From Fordham to Franklin St., our events create opportunities for leaders in your organization to connect, share insights and collaborate with hundreds of professionals from numerous organizations, including companies and investment firms, as well as non-profits and government agencies.

We would be thrilled to speak with you and others in your company to create the program that best facilitates your needs as an annual corporate sponsor of ACES. Together we can drive breakthrough impact and opportunity!

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