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Accelerating progress in social and environmental sustainability
News & Media | May 18, 2023
Green Heffa Farms is a Certified B-Corporation and is minority woman-owned. They are the only B-Corp farm that has a Black woman as CEO. The plants they grow, the teas and steams they make promote and strongly tie with African and African-American cultures. The owner, Cee, organizes the W.A.S.H. conference (We Are Still Here). The conference aims to connect Black and Indigenous farmers with one another.
Event | Apr 28, 2023
Earth Month ended with our 2023 UNC Sustainability Awards, a wonderful celebration of North Carolina businesses, alumni and students who all work to take initiative through innovative products or practices that have a positive impact for people and the planet.
Research | Oct 18, 2022
ACES’ Sustainability Fellow and PhD Student Angie Fairchild won the 2022 Business for a Better World Dissertation Proposal Competition and presented her research during the Business for a Better World Research Symposium on September 23.