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Accelerating progress in social and environmental sustainability


Sustainable enterprise is a way of doing business that makes profits through means that reduce harm to society and the environment. It turns challenges into business opportunities that serve a triple bottom line of profits, society and the environment. The result is often unique market solutions that leapfrog the competition or help firms to enter new markets with products better suited to long term growth.

This concentration applies across functional areas and industries. It complements other career concentrations taken at the same time. Students taking it will learn how to craft strategies that help companies pursue a triple bottom line, a skill that more and more companies say they seek.

Students may take courses outside the business school in areas such as:

  • public policy
  • international studies
  • social work
  • city and regional planning, and
  • environmental studies

Fall 2023 MBA Student Guide

MBA Sustainable Enterprise
At A Glance

MBA Sustainable Enterprise At A Glance