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Jul 24, 2014

Partnering for Mutual Success: DaimlerChrysler – POEMAtec Alliance

DaimlerChrysler’s origins date as far back as 1883, when its predecessor “Benz & Co. Rheinische Gasmotoren-Fabrik, Mannheim” was founded by Karl Benz in Germany. The Chrysler Corporation was founded in the United States in1925 by Walter P. Chrysler. In November 1998 Chrysler and Daimler Benz completed a $36 billion merger, forming DaimlerChrysler, the fifth largest automaker in the world with estimated sales of $160 billion.
DaimlerChrysler’s passenger car brands include Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep®, and Dodge. It has manufacturing facilities in 37 countries, a staff of 365,600 employees and revenues of $156.8 billion (as of 2002). The firm is listed on several exchanges across the world, including the New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo. DaimlerChrysler has had been operating in Brazil since 1953, then as Mercedes-Benz of Brazil. The headquarters of DaimlerChrysler do Brasil and its primary manufacturing site is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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