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Olivia Pitt

Olivia Pitt is a Morehead-Cain Scholar studying Business, Economics and Sustainable Studies. She is currently working as a Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Intern for ACES. Regarding sustainability, she is very passionate about the transition to renewable energy, ESG integration into business and including recycled plastics in the production lifecycle. Her background in sustainability consists of involvement in OpenSolar, the Portfolio Management Team, and the City of Centennial. With OpenSolar, she worked as a research analyst to determine criteria that makes solar power most profitable in certain regions, specifically in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With PMT, she works as a portfolio analyst to invest within the energy and power sector. With the City of Centennial, she worked as a research consultant and data analyst to determine where EV charging stations would be most efficient, equitable, impactful and influential to encourage increased EV usage in the city.