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McCauley Palmer

McCauley Palmer is a rising junior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Business Administration, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship. She is a Kenan Scholar, Teaching Assistant for the Introductory Entrepreneurship course at UNC, involved in marketing for a ridesharing company, and enjoys creating content on Adobe platforms for various projects. She has held internships with Enventys Partners and Vector Rideshare, along with studying social entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics and in Cape Town, South Africa.

McCauley’s overarching interests are identifying and executing practices that make businesses as equitable and ethical as possible, at a profit. She believes that prioritizing the social and environmental sustainability of enterprise is the key to this. McCauley’s hobbies include videography, reading, traveling, and finding trendy coffee shops. After college, she intends to work in data analytics to find trends in business that provide sustainable and equitable solutions to foster economic and environmental progress in society.