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Lisa Shpritz

Environmental Operations Executive, Bank of America

Where are they now?

A moment of panic consumed her and Lisa felt her eyes swell up. Any minute now, the tears would come streaming down. “I can’t do this”, she said, questioning what she had gotten herself into. She wasn’t a “business” person; she loved the sciences. The study of biology was what she dedicated her entire undergrad career to. Her friend quickly alleviated her doubts when he told her that she was completely meant to be there. “Power through it. In no time at all, finance will be like second-nature to you”. She didn’t believe it at the time, but she would later learn that anything is possible if you simply put your mind to it. When she thinks of this memory, she doesn’t remember it as the time she almost came close to quitting Kenan-Flagler, instead she remembers it as the time that is a true testament to the character of Kenan-Flagler. The love and support she felt there was undeniable and helped her build the confidence she needed to succeed in her career.
Upon graduating from Kenan-Flagler, Lisa went to work at Bank of America where she has remained for the past 13 years. Although she started in the Corporate Real Estate group for BofA, she quickly transitioned into a more environmental role when her manager was pressured to start incorporating sustainability in real estate. She couldn’t believe how quickly a role dealing with environmental stewardship had fallen in her lap and it was an opportunity she could not pass up. She chaired the environmental risk and sustainability which oversaw compliance for sustainability in buildings. She instituted recycling programs, waste reduction, and greenhouse gases reduction programs.
Most notably, she is a proud of a program that was initiated in 2006 that offers a partial reimbursement to employees for their purchases of hybrid cars and has now grown to include electric cars. She was also a proponent in setting up charging locations in Bank of America parking lots to incentivize the use of new technologies as well as increase their convenience. In the past year, she has transitioned to a new role within the Bank that focuses more on environmental communications to the public. Her role aims at increasing the Bank’s visibility and involvement with external partners in the sustainability field. She has spent the past year attending seminars, speaking at conferences, and spreading the story of the Bank and its environmental performance. She is excited to see where else her sustainability journey takes her.

Life Moments

“When you’re applying for jobs, don’t be fixated on the title. You can contribute to sustainability efforts no matter what your job title is. Find a company that has truly integrated sustainability in their daily activities.”
“Be flexible and adaptable. Learn how to work with people of all cultures, of all educational backgrounds, and of all work styles. This will make you a very desirable candidate in the workplace”