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Jordan Cox

CSE Leadership Associate

As a child, I grew up in the back kitchen of my family’s restaurant, roaming the storerooms and inspecting its various contents. Through this childhood experience, my parents instilled in me the values of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Composting, recycling, buying local ingredients, and paying a living wage were all ideals that they held dear. These principles passed down from parents have created a passion for pursuing greener business practices in our globalized world.
My interest continued to grow when I participated in a summer program in the Appalachian mountains that focused on environmental conservation. We navigated many rivers, examining their characteristics and analyzing the impacts humans have imposed on the natural environment. We also learned how businesses directly impact the environment around them through buying choices, water usage, etc. This learning experience propelled me to pursue an education in promoting a sustainable culture in the business world.
I am beyond excited to work in the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and help promote its various events and curriculum. I believe that the successful business students of tomorrow will be pursuing the triple bottom line and decisions that best benefit their business as well as our planet.