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Accelerating progress in social and environmental sustainability

Irina Trenkova

BSBA '18

I spent my summers hiking in the mountains of Bulgaria where I grew to appreciate the outdoors. Through these excursions, my family taught me that we should always treat the environment with care and our resources with frugality. This mentality allowed me to be conscious of the social and environmental impacts of strategic business decisions.
My interest in sustainability continued to grow when I took a class called Leadership in Action abroad. In this class, we had a speaker present on the topic of ‘edible’ landscapes and sustainable land use which could foster community engagement and awareness. I found the idea of connecting citizens to their environment through the endorsement of local economies and the creation of community gardens particularly fascinating. Given the scarcity of resources, it is extremely important that we educate our citizens and businesses on the value of sustainability.
I am extremely eager to assist the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and begin helping promote sustainability events and speaker series. I believe that the most successful businesses will be the ones that encourage sustainability, green-building practices as well as those that recognize how to most effectively use the resources we have.