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Fletcher Curran

CSE Leadership Associate

Fletcher Curran is currently a sophomore from Charlotte, NC studying Business and Economics, with a minor in Sustainability. He is particularly interested in the allocation of capital towards meaningful climate solutions, and how the private sector can accelerate the global goals of reducing emissions. Fletcher sought out this position with the Center for Sustainable Enterprise to supplement his more traditional classes, as he wanted an opportunity to draw links between business and sustainability that may not be covered in a typical classroom setting. While at Chapel Hill, he has been a consultant for the Tamid Group as well as 180 Degrees Consulting, aiding a variety of companies and organizations with their long-term goals. Fletcher has also worked as a market research intern for a wealth management firm focusing on impact investing, as well as Scoutible, a startup focusing on using AI in the job-hiring process. In his spare time, he loves watching NBA basketball, playing poker, and, of course, spending time outdoors.