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UNC Sustainability Distinguished Business Award: FlexGen

Tony Olivo, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, was one of the FlexGen representatives who attend ACES’ Awards Gala. Tony highlighted his experience,

“It was great to see the interest from UNC students in clean technology from first year undergraduates through MBA students. At FlexGen, enabling the energy transition is what we’re passionate about, and we’re incredibly honored to be recognized and chosen for this award by the future leaders in the field. As a company based in the Research Triangle, we look forward to continuing to build our relationship with UNC, its research and student body.”

FlexGen provides access to clean energy at all hours including access to electricity during natural disasters, which provides more grid reliability. They recognize the value in energy storage is between the hardware (battery storage) and the software that enables it to perform. Their social impact includes creating a more reliable grid at a quicker pace by implementing utility scale and microgrid storage projects for power generation all over the world.

FlexGen’s energy storage projects are helping make the grid more resilient and renewable energy more reliable. They emphasize that 200 MW of battery added to the grid replaces approximately 1 GW from thermal power plants. FlexGen’s overall impact of 2,934 MW installed and contracted replaces about 14.67 GW from thermal power plants.   

The use of battery storage systems to address intermittency helps make it possible to replace electricity from thermal power plants with renewable sources. Doing so decreases greenhouse gas emissions, other air pollution and additional negative environmental and human health impacts. This also provides flexible generation to match electricity supply and demand on the grid.

FlexGen’s innovation has been to approach the battery storage industry with a value on the interaction between the hardware of battery storage systems and the software that allows it to perform correctly. They believe this is where they can find the most opportunities and they have integrated these services to help provide supply and reliability. They have optimized the hardware supply chain for a more efficient supply to clients, combined equipment with software and digital controls, and they deliver their integrated solutions to help clients reduce investment costs.

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