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Social Impact Summer Grants

The Stacia L. Woods Social Impact Summer Grant (SISG) program provides financial support to MBA students during their summer internship with organizations that make a positive social impact. Applications this year are due April 18.

Last summer, Stacia L. Woods SISG recipient Hayley Andrews worked as a Business Management Consultant through the National Parks Business Plan Internship, a highly selective summer program that enables top graduate students to lead strategic projects that impact the long-term health of National Park units. Hayley developed a business and marketing plan for a historical site within Death Valley National Park. She analyzed historical data and lead strategic planning sessions to assess operational needs, develop a staffing strategy and fee structure and create a new marketing strategy. Her project allowed her to gain an appreciation for the complexity and hard work involved in preserving natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. She worked near the Denver regional office, where she had the opportunity to do lots of hiking and camping with her co-consultant and park service colleagues. Hayley said she would not have been able to take the National Park Service internship without the financial support of the Stacia L. Woods Social Impact Summer Grant.

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