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New issue of UNC Business available now

The Spring 2015 issue of UNC Business magazine features sustainability insights focused on the triple bottom line.
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In this issue of UNC Business…
UNC Business magazine Season of Change
Undergraduate Business students help culinary mecca Southern Season strike a sustainable balance between profit, brand and c     culture.
UNC Business magazine  Business Cares
Students, faculty and staff support local nonprofits UNC Children’s, Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation and Ronald     McDonald House of Chapel Hill.
UNC Business magazine  The Rise of Sustainability Accounting
Alumni explain how EY created a methodology to track the environmental benefits of Bank of America’s multi-billion dollar  Environmental Business Initiative.
The Business of Sustainability
Business holds the key to solving many of the world’s problems.
Investing for Impact
Investors show that businesses can deliver results for both the bottom line and the greater good.
UNC Business magazine is available for iPad and Android tablet, or to view online

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