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Dr. Olga Hawn, Welcomes MBA Students

Welcome Kenan-Flagler MBA Students!

What a year is ahead of us! With a vaccine in development, the economy in suspense, classes held online, fear and anxiety setting in, this will certainly be a year teaching us lifelong lessons of how to deal with uncertainty. One reason why we don’t like uncertainty is because it is different from risk: the outcomes are unpredictable, and hence, we cannot manage it as we would manage risk. Nonetheless, in order to learn how to cope with uncertainty, I invite you to consider the Sustainable Enterprise Enrichment Concentration. Our classes explore a variety of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that as leaders, you will have to manage as risks to firm performance and survival, demonstrating how to deal with uncertainty and exploiting the opportunities that these issues generate for business.

Optimism cannot be taught but it can be shared, and through our courses I believe you will be more optimistic about achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the help of business, strengthening its role in society while achieving outstanding financial performance.

As a strategy professor, I believe firms should use the most efficient and effective means to do the most good with their limited resources. You can watch a description of my course where we explore strategies to do just that. The Sustainable Enterprise Enrichment Concentration is designed to help you develop a sustainability mindset and a toolkit to help businesses navigate this uncertain terrain. In this journey I believe you will learn how to navigate uncertainty on a personal level. Hence, in these strange and uncertain times, consider challenging yourself with our courses as a pathway to the greatest impact that you can have on our world.

The Center for Sustainable Enterprise will be there for you!

Faculty Director,
Prof. Olga Hawn

CSE faculty director, Dr. Olga Hawn, welcomes MBA students and encourages them to pursue a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise to better navigate uncertainty in business and life.

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