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CSE Welcomes Undergraduate Students Back to Campus

Welcome back undergraduates! We missed you.

The CSE team is thrilled to see you in person as this new academic year gets underway. Last year was filled with incredibly difficult challenges for all of you and society as a whole. You should be proud of your accomplishments as you confronted social injustice, stayed focused on your studies and maintained your resilience during the pandemic. We know that you are excited to be back and regain that special sense of community unique to campus life.

You inspired our team to work tirelessly to advance sustainability in the undergraduate business program. During the last academic year and this past summer, we were excited to have 21 undergraduate interns! We will continue to involve our interns in everything we do.
Thank you for participating in the new opportunities we offered:

  • Last year marked the first year that the Sustainable Business Club led our effort to nominate companies doing business in North Carolina for our annual UNC Sustainability Awards, which we will continue this year.

  • Last spring we hosted the India Impact Challenge powered by Quantum Advisors. Our undergraduate interns were integral to the success of the Challenge and we also had two UNC undergraduate teams make it to the top 10 round!

  • Yasser Boaulam added a new sustainable finance course to the sustainable enterprise course offerings.

This academic year we continue to enhance and create new opportunities for you to learn more about sustainability, including:

  • We will host a new competition as part of our Invest for the Future initiative: Launching Investment for Future Transformation (LIFT). This will challenge students to propose blended finance and impact investing strategies for sustainability solutions that will drive social equity and economic mobility. We hope to see undergraduates across campus compete in this unique learning experience.

  • Paige Ouimet created a new stakeholder capitalism course for Mod 1 this Fall.

  • I will lead a new sustainability-based global immersion elective (GIE) to Montreal in the Spring.

  • We also hope to expand our partnerships and collaboration with undergraduate student clubs.

Please do not hesitate to reach out about courses, research, careers and all of your impactful ideas. We are here to work with you and support you and could not be more excited for the start of this academic year.

Welcome back Tar Heels!

By CSE Executive Director, Jeffrey Mittelstadt

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