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Mar 8, 2022

Announcing the Student-Athlete Sustainability Initiative

UNC-Chapel Hill student athletes have partnered with the Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) to create the Student Athlete Sustainability Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to help student athletes connect their values and business interests through learning and leadership opportunities that fit with their structured schedules. Many student athletes have an interest in business and in driving positive social and environmental impact. Thus, we are launching this initiative through the leadership of Duwe Farris, a member of the men’s basketball team. You can read the goals and details below.

Last summer Duwe wanted an internship that exposed him to sustainability and finance. However, he was having difficulty finding an opportunity that provided the experience he sought AND fit with his structured practice schedule as a student athlete. Luckily, CSE was able to offer him a part-time, flexible arrangement so he could fulfill his basketball commitment and still have an impactful internship.

We invite our alumni and friends to join us by sharing your flexible internship opportunities either in the summer or during the academic year. Our student athletes are extraordinary and will have significant positive impact for your organization. If you are interested in learning more about the Student Athlete Sustainability Initiative, email us at cse@unc.edu.

Initiative Details

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