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ACES Family Focus: Meet Jules Oringel

Each month, we will spotlight a member of the ACES family to learn about their passions, how they are connected to the Center and how their work with ACES has helped them create a bigger impact through our collaboration.

1. What experiences led you to the ACES family?

Since coming to Carolina, I’ve jumped at opportunities to bridge my passion for public policy with my business skillset to further the social and environmental justice causes I care deeply about. In all honesty, my career trajectory would look nothing like it does today if ACES’ Executive Director Professor Jeff Mittelstadt didn’t answer my pleas to get off the waitlist for BUSI 507H (Sustainable Business and Social Enterprise). Under his tutelage and the ACES-backed curriculum, I learned about critical sustainability frameworks, from the Triple Bottom Line to GRI and SASB reporting. After taking two of Jeff’s classes and working in sustainability and international development in both Copenhagen and Dublin, I too wanted to make an impact and join the ACES team as a Corporate Sustainability Engagement Intern!

2. How has ACES empowered you to accelerate positive social and environmental impact?

The ACES family is full of inspiring, connected and generous sustainability professionals who have provided me with a wealth of knowledge about how to break into the field. Not only is it a pleasure to work alongside Jeff and Tracy every day in my internship, but my network now also includes sustainability leaders at some of the world’s most impactful businesses who I trust I will remain connected with for years to come. Our curricular and co-curricular programming are thorough, equipping me with the skills to enact tangible change wherever life takes me next.

3. What will you take away, professionally and personally, from your time with ACES?

The people I have met through ACES are some of my favorite Tar Heels and because of their support; I earned my Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Professional Certification over the summer. Alongside my peers, I learned how to effectively communicate the importance of sustainability and cross-sector collaboration to a wide range of stakeholders. Ultimately, I will walk away from my internship with ACES a more confident, passionate leader. I intend to remain involved with the Center even after graduation – who knows, you may see me on our Invest for the Future Leadership Council in 10 years!

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