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ACES Family Focus: Meet Intern Liz Barteldt

I was introduced to the ACES family through the EcoStudio program, which pairs students with sustainability internships in the area. The relationships I built and the mentorship I received led me to continue working with ACES over the summer and the fall 2022 semester as an intern and a member of BLiS.

As a freshman in college, I knew I wanted to explore the intersection of business and sustainability, and ACES was the perfect introduction to this field. Jeff Mittelstadt and Tracy Triggs-Matthews introduced a breadth of concepts including blended finance, corporate sustainability, as well as scope emissions, which opened my eyes to all the opportunities in business to make a positive environmental impact.

During my time at ACES, I’ve learned the importance of building relationships. There is so much to be learned from other professionals–ACES gave me the opportunity to meet with and learn from trailblazers in this space. For that, I will be forever grateful to my ACES family!

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