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ACES Family Focus: Meet Intern Katie Goldman

  • What led you to become involved with ACES?

I have had an interest in business for the public good. When I found ACES, I was very intrigued by the concept of thought leadership so I applied to be an intern. I am excited for the opportunities research in blended finance may find for real world problems.

  • How has ACES empowered you to accelerate positive social and environmental impact?

Being surrounded by the ACES team has allowed me to learn even more about various areas for sustainable impact. Through outreach, I have been able to meet professionals in different fields who have experience in blended finance who inspire me to continue to learn more.

  • What are your top take-aways, both personally and professionally from working with ACES?

ACES is one of my first internships, so I was glad to have such a great support system from ACES leadership and fellow interns who have motivated me to become more socially and environmentally aware. Through my research, I have been able to discover a new passion of finding blended finance solutions for affordable housing. In the future, I hope to continue to explore areas for sustainable impact.

Learn more about Katie on her intern profile page here.

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