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Patricia Harms

Clinical Professor, Management and Communication

The research interests of Patricia Harms are visual rhetoric and slide design, performance feedback, online learning and revision in business writing.

Dr. Harms teaches written and oral business communication. In many courses she uses a hybrid teaching model that unites traditional face-to-face classroom with distance technology found in the workplace.

She is a member of the leadership team for the Association of Professional Communication Consultants and serves on the review board for Business Communication Quarterly.

Prior to her academic career, Dr. Harms was an administrator for a small, home-health agency where she also was responsible for marketing and public relations. A registered nurse, Dr. Harms has worked in labor and delivery, infection control, and hospital and home health staff development.

She received her PhD in rhetoric and professional communication and her MA in business and technical communication from Iowa State University, and her BSN from the University of Pennsylvania.